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TIM GERWING | Music for the Inner Listener

Exploring a variety of electronic/acoustic hybrid sounds and genres, Gerwing makes "Music for the Inner Listener". Splitting his childhood between Canada and Germany, Gerwing absorbed aspects of both old and new world cultures while fostering his love of music with lessons in classical piano, voice, and violin. In his teenage years, he expanded his tastes to jazz, electronic, progressive pop/rock, new age, and Middle and Far Eastern music styles, preferring to marry concepts rather than be limited to any one genre.

Gerwing is sometimes described as a musical "Renaissance Man." A true musical generalist, Gerwing plays guitar, keyboard, electronic instruments, and Middle Eastern percussion instruments both solo and with other artists.

Noted collaborators include composer/poet/performer Serwan Yamolky and Liam MacDonald in the Serwan Yamolky Trio, Japan's Mark Smith Suenaga AKA Infants in Eindhoven, and world musician Boris Sichon, with whom he performed at the Kremlin in Moscow. He has been a fixture with Gord Grdina's Haram for many years, and is a core member of the Samar Oriental Dance Ensemble. He has also performed with Tibetan vocalist Yungchen Lhamo at the Mission Folk Music Festival.

Co-founder of the Thirty Days Project, Gerwing believes encouraging other people's creative pursuits is an important step towards a supportive society. Tim is no stranger to the challenges of day to day creativity. Nor is he foolish enough to sit around and wait for inspiration to strike, having learned that often, artistic stimulation emerges in the midst of process, rather than before. Enter the Thirty Days Project manifesto: Commit yourself to creating, and publishing, an artistic work every day for 30 days, in order to build the momentum of your creative output.

While Gerwing's music has sometimes been described as 'cerebral', his stated artistic goal is to create balanced work that nourishes all parts of the person and encourages introspection while connecting listeners to a world outside themselves. A believer in the powerful effect and necessity of music's emotional impact, this Canadian Inner Listener and audionaut seeks to knit worlds together one note at a time.

Good art is mysterious. Why? Because it addresses and expresses aspects of our experience that contain true wealth but cannot be grasped in everyday terms, and yet can be experienced and shared.

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Slow in Sunlight (2017)

The exotic and mysterious tones of the Central Asian santur float above electro-acoustic soundscapes like bokeh motes in sunlight.

photon to photon
star to star, music carries
direct connection

How Long is Now? (2016)

Big questions emerging
Big opportunities unfolding
Big challenges looming
Can't. Just. Hope.

Furniture (2014)

Brian Eno originally defined ambient music as "music that does not demand attention but rewards it when given". In the context of this psycho-emotional musical space, Tim Gerwing presents musical furniture for your inner listening enjoyment.

Adagio (2014)

The focus is on strings in this heavily guitar-focused album. Ambient soundscapes fuse with jazz stylings, world music melanges, and subtle percussion.

pull this string, pull that
the perfect note makes no sound
has no memory

Scorpius Rising (2013)

Scorpius Rising takes listeners on an auditory odyssey through the twists and turns of ambient, electronic, and Arabic-influenced music.

"I always find it interesting when I don't even remember playing certain things, or when I try to repeat them and I just can't. My process is very much in the moment and of the moment, and yet it's all tied together thematically by my personal and artistic research and development."
- TG

Masked and Dreaming (2011)

New music focusing on the power of the song and words, Tim Gerwing weaves a web of psychoactive music based on dream theory, the unconscious, and myth.

Once again, music for the Inner Listener...

Stations [PLUS] (2010)

A companion piece to "Chikatetsu", "Stations [PLUS]" is a hand-picked selection of music that was not on the original "Chikatetsu" release. 13 new tracks of music that are a must have for the Inner Listener.

Chikatetsu (2009)

In motion, in transit. Remembered futures, ambient textures and modern musical motifs, non-linear narratives, fractal audio perspective, and allegorical sonic imagery create contemplative and immersive sonic environments which suggest the expansion of culture and of the modern self.

This is truly music for the inner listener.

The Butterfly Effect (2005)

Mysterious, deep, exploratory, unique...from ambient to progressive rock, this is music at the intersection of the demands of creativity and truth.

The Butterfly Effect is the follow-up to Tim Gerwing’s acclaimed release "Being to Being" of 2002.

B2B (2002)

Contemplative elegance in the Fourth World.

Tim Gerwing's first solo album (02002). A rare and alluring blend of sonic textures and spoken word.

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