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Slow in Sunlight

Tim Gerwing: Music for the Inner Listener IX

Slow in Sunlight - front cover

Slow in Sunlight

November 2017

Like audio bokeh, thick and lush electroacoustic soundscapes envelope the mysterious sounds of Central Asian santur (dulcimer).

This is a collection of music celebrating the beauty of sunlight on many levels: physical, psychological, mythological, emotional, spiritual. The 10 tracks are calm, expansive, even meditative - "Slow" as vernacularization of what in Classical music terms might have been called "adagio" or "lento". But also “Slow” in the sense of the invitation to listen into the music in a way where moments stretch into timelessness: Music for the Inner Listener.

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The Musical Process

Inspired by Brian Eno's Games for Musicians:

"This music is based on recordings made on the central Asian santur performed by the obscure and near mythical Shamsi Ryu Novyezarya-Khan - a true master of the instrument of somewhat nebulous heritage, but probably Afghani born of Russian Afghan/Japanese parents and steeped in the contemplative Gnostic and Buddhist wisdom traditions of Central Asia."

"Having discovered these highly interesting recordings, Tim Gerwing has created auditory environments in which these recordings are re-contextualized in electronic organic spaces and given new space to breathe and blossom."


...The third major paradigm after the first=Religion, the second=Science. Solipsis states that there is only the binary consciousness of the entire "universe" consisting of each individual's consciousness and the consciousness of the entire universe, which operate in a Yin/Yang fashion, co-creating each other. Each of our own consciousness' is Yang, being "smaller" and denser. The universal consciousness is Yin, being "larger" and more expanded...

— excerpted from Urban Dictionary

Special note: although I have become more known as an "ambient" musician, I do not consider "Slow in Sunlight" to be a particularly "ambient" album. It is meant to be listened to intentionally, with attention, with engagement. While it certainly serves well as "wallpaper" it will provide the greatest amount of listening enjoyment with headphones or good speakers and time set apart to enjoy it as fully as one's ways and means allow.


  • 01. A Photon Ascending
  • 02. Slow In Sunlight
  • 03. Approaching Cloud Mass
  • 04. Slow In Sunlight: Solipsis I
  • 05. Slow In Sunlight: Solipsis II
  • 06. Slow In Sunlight: Solipsis III
  • 07. Light And Shadow
  • 08. Psychedelic Mirror
  • 09. Staircase
  • 10. Mountain In Sunlight

slow in sunlight: music for the inner listener IX
shamsi ryu novyezarya-khan: santurs + strings
tim gerwing: all other instruments
mastered by kevin kowal
ⓒⓅcopyright tim gerwing 2017

slow in sunlight